All began with the Saquarema’s Indians first inhabitants. They were hunters, fruit, seed and clam gatherers. They were certainly attracted by the ocean and the lagoon as proven by the “Sambaquis”.

On March 1531 the portuguese arrived. Martim Afonso de Souza arrived with his fleet in front of the old Morro do Canto, which is located close to Barra Nova, where natives from the Tamoios tribe dominated the place called soco-y-rema (lake without a shell in their language). In 1954, the first European religion came to Saquarema brought by a priest but and only on January 12th of 1755 did the government grant Saquarema the title of Nossa Senhora de Nazareth de Saquarema.

On May 08th of 1841, Saquarema acquired political and administrative emancipation, when Visconde de Baependi, vice president of the province, granted the county the title of Arraial de Nossa Senhora de Saquarema that had belonged to Cabo Frio Comarco until then. The existence of the village was short.

Eighteen years later, on February 06th of 1859, it returned to the category of “freguesia” with the denomination of Araruama’s village. Saquarema’s citizens protested against the authorities and managed to get the village’s title back on January 29th of 1861.

During the republican period, on January 03rd of 1890, Saquarema raised to the title of City.

Saquarema’s main attraction is the church of Nossa Senhora de Nazareth.

Church of Nossa Senhora de Nazareth

In the early days, it was a small chapel, but from 1662 to 1675 a much bigger cathedral was créated as a new part of it. Around this fact, a legend has been spread up by the oldest local fishermen stating: “The temple was in poor condition and around 1820, a decision was made to build the church at another location, but apparitions of the Saint kept on being observed which determined the “Matrix” Church of Nossa Senhora de Nazareth to be rebuilt in 1837, at its current location, by the ocean.

Later, in 1947, father Jose Zimmerman, transformed the grotto into a sanctuary within the rocks, placing Nossa Senhora de Lourdes’s icon in it. Today, the church and the grotto are main attractions for tourists in our city, because of the beauty of that privileged location between the Atlantic Ocean and Saquarema’s lagoon. It is undoubtedly a reference in religion and cultural tourism in Brazil.


In the 60s/70s Saquarema was a famous gathering place for the hippie community and anyone who was seeking a remote, peaceful natural experience.

Today, talking with this generation, we can note how they miss walks on the beach, chat at friend’s house and nothing else to worry.


Saquarema is an extraordinary surf spot and it is actually referred as the surf capital of Brazil. Its amazing beaches with gigantic waves are making it an unlosable place, especially Itauna Beach with its perfect waves. You will be seduced by its indescribable beauty and power.

Throughout the year several surf championships are hosted in this area such as the Super Surf, WCT and so on. So, if great surfing is what you are looking for, come to the Brazilian Surf Maracanã, this is a blowing mind experience!


Saquarema is an ideal destination, as it boasts amazing beaches as well as lush countryside. Everyone will find what they are looking for, when visiting us.

This area offers so many excitant choices of nature related activities and besides of this, you can appreciate the Saquarema’s warm citizens, which makes of Saquarema a hot friendly environment.